How To Save Your Relationship

Meeting women is great, but what comes next? You start a relationship, get into a routine, and… what? Everything can fall apart quickly if you don’t give your relationship the attention it deserves. A player isn’t just someone who can be charming to strangers. Knowing how to make your partner happy is also an important quality to develop.

Believe me, this isn’t always easy. The connection between two people is always put to the test of time. Spending everyday together can get old – you have less patience and tolerance for each other, which leads to conflict and taking each other for granted. One question then remains… Can you rescue your relationship from a potential break-up?

save your relationship

Crisis, what crisis?

We all know we should try to avoid spats and nasty little comments, to say nothing of insults or physical violence. You don’t have to be Einstein to see that a player respects his girlfriend, doesn’t put her down, and tries to ease tensions rather than adding fuel to the fire.

However, what many couples can’t seem to understand is the fact that everyday arguments, whether about personal values, taking care of your apartment, or even the color of your socks, are healthy and absolutely normal.

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