3 Quick & Fundamental Tips To Help Your Build a Better Style


Going around shops looking for quality clothes at the best prices is a difficult exercise. Between approximate cuts, cheap colors and bad fabrics, a lot of hurdles need to be crossed.

You need to separate the good from the bad before you may make a bad deal and spend money without progress.

This is why I will give you three tips today regarding looks. They are from my concrete experience in the makeover agency that I created in Paris in 2008. By following these tips, you will avoid falling into 80% of the traps that could have reserved you the search for a good look.

Tip Number 1: Don’t listen to salesmen

This point may sound extreme, but usually salesmen in clothes shops open for the general public are not fashion specialists. These are simply people who were trained to sell. Doesn’t matter whether your clothes don’t fit, because with them, it’s always THE cut you need, THE color that puts you forward or THE fabric that makes you look good. They are very good at flattering people, but when it comes to improving your style, it’s everything that you don’t need.

2 thoughts on “3 Quick & Fundamental Tips To Help Your Build a Better Style”

  1. I am so glad you recommend men taking a look on blogs for fashion ideas. I really applaud that. More importantly men should look to the women in their lives girlfriends friends etc as they will compliment the men in colors or styles they like. Chances are if its a good color they will say so and thats a great start. Women like men who look good, so if you want to impress us look good.

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