How To Be The Dominant Male

Some of you may already know what the dominant male is.

For others who may not know, I will make a brief reminder. This term comes from anthropology and social psychology:

a dominant male (or alpha man) is a leader, the head of a group. There have been many examples in history: Che Guevara, Martin Luther King, John Kennedy, etc. One of our Lifestyle Conseil instructors offers leadership workshops and teaches how to become a charismatic man. Today, we will take a look at its interpretations regarding love relationships.

Many websites, forums, gurus claim that a dominant male is attractive. Tyler Durden is often mentioned as a model that should be followed. Ever since this claim, we’ve lost count of the number of players that became his biggest fans. This is a true fact. Dominant males are attractive. However, what some of you may not know is that being attractive does not always mean sleeping with lots of women. Girls are attracted when being hit on by such men. But this doesn’t mean that it all ends there. Instead, you may hide behind arrogance and being mean, thinking that it’s what attracts them. There’s a difference between self-confidence and arrogance. People who are self-confident don’t need to prove to others that they are self-confident. Arrogance is a weakness, a vice. Whenever people may flatter you, your arrogant self may show up. Let’s take a look at two simple reasons of charm in a charismatic man. We will then be interested in frequent mistakes.


The first question that you may ask yourself, whether consciously or unconsciously is “what’s so attractive about someone that people follow him?” For some, the answer is “I don’t really get it… this guy is nothing but an arrogant and self-centered idiot » But if you want to keep your target’s attention, you should cultivate that mystery. You should be cold and sarcastic, but also smooth and nice. Alternating characters intrigues people. We don’t really know who you are, and we want to discover it. You may often be advised not to reveal too much about yourself. A frequent mistake is to say too much about you or too little about yourself.  You should start by giving a small sample of your personality, just to attract people’s curiosity

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