Your friendship with women is important, too !

Don’t forget your friends.

When reading some sites or listening to some gurus, one can be tempted to think: “I’m sick and tired of always being friends with women, but not their lover”. At the beginning, I used to say that too. From today, I will no longer be friends with a woman”. I lost contact with almost all of my female friends (not for a very long time, let me assure you). Here are a few simple reasons that explain the importance of friends:

1) Your female friends are not the cause of your sexually dry period

Having sexually dry periods is not due to your friends, but because of yourself. If you become the “gay best friend”, that’s not because the girl gave you that status, but because you got in there by yourself. Why? Perhaps because you don’t assume your masculinity, or because you don’t put borders in your relationship. It wouldn’t kill you to tell a friend: “listen, I like you, but I’m not your gay friend. Try not talking to me like I was your best friend” (don’t use an aggressive tone, but a calm tone). If however, you don’t say anything and you secretly accept your status… what can you do?

2) Going out with women gives you social status

Between a guy who hangs out with a male gang and a guy who hangs out with women, who do you think will look like the most social/confident? With women, you will not look like a male who goes out hunting. Moreover, if they are more social, and they can be very useful to women. Do you have a doubt? Watch Me Agency’s introductory video.

3) Your friends can enlarge your social circle

Unless you hang out with anti-social and boring people, your friends probably know other women. You can ask them to introduce you to one of their friends. Avoid being a “bastard” with them. If both of you have different desires: for example, if you want to flirt and she wants something more serious, don’t go further. You may ruin the opportunities of new relations with this friend.

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