How to Fold A Pocket Square, by Glamorous Pochette

If you want to add some additional accessories in your suit, the pocket square is the right for you. Period.

Pen is one of the popular accessories that are often used by some men for their suits. But because the fashion trend is changing yearly, it must also be improved. The pocket square or formerly called as handkerchief is now getting even more popular because it comes with a kind of style which makes men standout. There are times that it makes the suit more beautiful due to the folding style, color, and design that it incorporates.

how to fold a pocket square

When talking about the proper folding of pocket square, experts made simple steps below so that men will know the proper folding of pocket square for their suits. It is significant for you to know this so that you can easily improve your suit through the fold that you created on this accessory. It will also give you great idea which you can really use while you are wearing suits for especially meeting, occasions, or any events that require men to wear suits.?

How to fold your pocket square ?

  1. The first thing that you must do is to iron your pocket square properly. Always make sure that sharp folds of it are ironed well to make it neat-looking. Avoid ironing the hand rolled border sewn which is around the edges of it.
  2. Lay down your pocket square on a flat and clean table. Fold it in a way that it will create a diamond shape wherein the point of it faces up and the other one faces down.
  3. Get the bottom part of the diamond shape power square and fold it again upward in order to match the top point of it. In this way, you can create a triangle.
  4. Fold the triangle into three through folding the left corner of it in one third of the way on the way to the right side. Repeat this 4th step through bringing the right side of the triangle in one-third in the way to the left side. After this, you will see that you create a vertical rectangle along with a point on the top of it.
  5. After that, place your well folded pocket square in your suit jacket. Insert it in the pocket of your jacket along with the folded edges facing the interior part of your suit. Face in the mirror so that you can properly arrange it.

how to fold your pocket square

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