tips seduce woman

Don’t be her friend… Be her LOVER !

tips seduce woman

Who among us has never heard this sentence :

“I’d rather we just stay friends, you’re an adorable guy, you deserve a better girl than me… let’s not ruin our friendship, you know how much I like you Bob…”

Now you really know what lies behind this sentence, right? To say things simply, I call this bullshit… Yes. These days, there is no real friendship between men and women, the two are not made to play Monopoly together… But what I will highlight in this article, is the big mistake that some men make: “I will be her friend FIRST, and then I will hit on her”, the famous, friends first, lovers next. It’s simply a stupid strategy.

Let’s dive in!

So I was saying that one of the most pathetic things, is to choose to put yourself in her friend zone, that is, to become her friend. OK, it’s true that it may be less painful that being thrown into that zone by the girl herself. But it’s still, really stupid. You may want to ask me why?

  • Don’t be friends with a woman you like.
  • Stop sharing your life.
  • Sex yourself up (you can learn more about this concept in this site.
  • Play with her jealousy.
  • Don’t be TOO available.

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