How to seduce a woman at the first date (3)

Here we are finally at the third part of the article, and we have just arrived to that nice café where your seduction game is about to get started. 3…2…1… gentlemen, the game can start!

First, don’t sit face to face, as it is not a job interview, and it is not a romantic date. I repeat the words “nice café” which means cafés where you have couches where you can sit comfortably next to your princess in a cool and comfortable position, in a position where you can use kinesthetics (physical contact which is so important and crucial) in a close position where the connection can go through subtly, perfectly, but more importantly, EFFECTIVELY.

Kinesthetics is a very broad topic, and I would need at least one article (if not more) to develop the concept, but let me give you a light version of it: kinesthetics involves communication and interactions, which makes your referent (your princess) more and more comfortable. There are several stages, which we may refer to as “kinesthetic escalation” as your start by touching her shoulders, her arms, her back, her thighs, in a very natural and unisexual way (while you’re having conversation) and when you reach a sufficient comfort and intimacy level, you can install kinesthetics in a very sexual way, but let’s leave that for later.

I’ve mentioned this before. We are not at a job interview, so the first rule is:

Stop sharing your resume

A lot of us like to “attack directly” as in I will mention everything that’s on my resume, I will impress her, show her that I’m very competent and professional and that I’m the kind of man she can count on!

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