How To Kiss a Girl For The First Time

You’ve met a girl, everything’s going great with her, you’ve had your first date, your first meeting.

She’s pretty interested in you, and on the way to being seduced… Life is sweet. However, your game doesn’t end there. In fact it’s only just begun. Kissing a girl is an art form all its own… You have to choose EXACTLY the right moment for a first kiss that’s truly… PERFECT!

So now let’s see, how and when to kiss a girl according to the rules of the art form and, above all, how to know whether she’s really ready to be kissed.

The following article is rather technical. I’m going to share a set of tactics that will lead to your kiss, or to a kiss close as we say, with the best possible outcome!

5 thoughts on “How To Kiss a Girl For The First Time”

  1. Important whaat you’ve said so i’m gonna try soon i prefer the first one “don’t look at me like that… or I’m going to kiss you!” lol

  2. I agree hair is a big part of a girls vanity if we trust you with our hair we trust you with more. A kiss can tell you so much about a person, make that impression count.

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