How to seduce a woman on the first date (1)

Did you know that the first date with a woman means lots of traps?

Did you know that you need to work hard and prepare yourself if you want your first date to be successful?

Do you know why 90% men bomb their first date WITHOUT knowing it?

Here’s the guide that will prevent you from bombing your first date!

First, let’s see why so many men stupidly bomb their first date.

The truth is, when you get a woman’s number, whether you approached her or met her or whatever… it means that she’s already interested, let’s say 10 to 35% interested. After a good talk on the phone, the level reaches 49%, which is a level you should increase on your first date. That should be your goal.

But the problem is that a lot of men never get to hear from their princess again after the first date, as she no longer answers the phone, changes her attitude, and if you’re one of those losers who insist and try to hold on to her, you might surely hear something like “let’s just be friends” from her. Game over.

Do you know why?

Well, that’s because it’s a question of spirit. When a woman accepts to go out with you on a first date, here’s how she reasons:

“This guy’s interesting, I’d like to get to know him better, and then we’ll see…”

At the same time, the guy reasons this way:

“This girl’s gorgeous, she’s very pretty, I’ve got to try everything to seduce her, and she should be my future girlfriend/wife”

Of course, the difference is a huge as the Himalaya Mountains. The girl’s reasoning is not too complicated, she just wants to know you better and… that’s it!

You, in turn, put useless pressure on yourself, as if you were going on a date with Penelope Cruz, who you must seduce at all costs, while using all those methods which don’t fit with seduction.

Why put such pressure on yourself? Why so much stress? Come back to earth, gentlemen, and tell yourselves that it’s JUST a random meeting with a NORMAL girl, not to say a random girl:)

Yes, that what you should convince yourself while taking your shower, in fact, you should think like her, but with a male touch:

“This girl is interesting, let’s see if she has depth and charisma; will she be able to impress me? Will she have the possibility to one day become my girlfriend…”

If you go past your house’s door with this state of mind, then gentlemen, you should know that you will not be the first to get past your house’s door, but also, it will be a big step on the art of seduction and in yourself development, this being considered THE basis of your seduction.

I want to ask you a question, regarding the exact definition of seduction?

OK I’ll be nice; I will give you the exact definition:

“Seduction is the art of using techniques used by women with a masculine touch in order not to be disadvantaged”

Yes, you’ve read it.

So let’s put all this in relation with our context. The girl does not pressure herself when she goes out on the first date, NEVER! She’s used to it. A charming princess (>HB7) is invited at least 3 times a week here and there, by guys who are almost all weirdJ Don’t be losers, get her to come back to earth from that little cloud she lives in, and give her the impression that you’re not there just to seduce her, or to leave a good image, but, give her the impression that you’re there, that you want to spend a good time with this pretty miss who has drawn her attention to you, and that you consider that – perhaps- she wants to get to know you more deeply than other women, otherwise you would not be there with her wasting your time;)

If you use this method, believe me, you will not have all those cruel silences during your conversations, silences that make you uncomfortable and which make the situation awkward, which then leads you to say whatever comes to mind, therefore, leading you to destroy ALL the work that you had done before (approaching, phone game…) therefore, you bomb the first date.

In the 2nd part, we will see new techniques that apply to the first date, next to the state of mind that I mentioned in this article.

Until then, take care and don’t forget… be seducers!

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