Do You Believe In Love, After Love ?

This morning, on the radio, I heard the very same song I heard while writing the article that moved you all so deeply about “sometimes goodbye is the only way”. This magnificent song, sung by the very charming Cher was popular in the late 90’s, but till date when I hear it, I feel as happy as I would have, had I landed on the moon.

The aforementioned song being “Do you believe in life after love?

The title of the song reminded me of a very special period of my life as a result of which I wrote this article for you.

To adapt the title of the song to be in sync with the thoughts I had, I changed the word “life” to “love” which gives us “ Do you believe in love after love ?

So, do you believe in love after love ?

2 thoughts on “Do You Believe In Love, After Love ?”

  1. I totally agree with Kamal. I was crushed after being left by my ex-girlfriend who was really important for me, she brought a light into my life, filled me with a positive energy and guess what … I was dumped, but it’s not her fine – it’s mine. We shouldn’t ever accuse girls for dumping us – we’re THE MAN & in reality it’s our job to make them feeling special around us, if you can’t do this you lose – That’s The Game.

    But … according to the topic… after being dumped I decided to make a progress in my “social skills”. I read The Game & many other e-books, but as Kamal has written, more practice less reading ! After a year I became in my way very succesfull in this area of my life. It’s doesn’t mean that I healed my broken heart, that’s mean that I’ve learnt how to live without my love and seize the day, the sooner you get it , the faster you recover … and remember it’s all about FUN !

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