The Secret Seduction Community : The Game, They Said…

I’m not proud to say this, but hanging out with the community too much can make you dumb.

seduction communityHumanly, I understand. There are those who hate because they idealize women too much, then realize that women are as bad as men. There are those who call their girlfriends the “center” and those who call their friends losers because they understand nothing about women. There are also those who believe that an ugly woman has to be warping, has to annoy us as soon as we will seduce their girlfriends, and those who believe that a man who joins the group is an amog.

Also count those fake coaches, who sell their coaching methods for a fortune…and those who have a heart made of stone thanks to nexting (Next moving on to a new girl) and who repeatedly do so… Here I’m talking about the players in the community where we can find nice things like ego battles, fakes, lies, trying to sell seduction… To begin with, what’s a community? It’s about men who want to meet women and seduce them. But for a few years now, since this has been exposed and in the media, it has lost its original purpose.

What’s the seduction community anyway?

When we spend too much time in the community we get people with whom we should under no purposes be nice. We find people who will throw curses just to be a little more visible, those who believe women are objects…

You can seduce… but at what cost? I think some people should take a step back from what is written here…

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