I stayed at Home, Shoot Me!

PUA Community is a social group just like any other group.

It has it’s values, rules and definitions of what success is. And just like in any other group you’ll be much better off, figuring out what’s important for you, yourself, than allowing outside judgment to define your actions.

What the ultimate pimp is? What would you have to be, to become the legend of all PUA forums and websites? Well, for one you’d have to bang many hot girls, regularly. That’s one. Secondly, you should never fall in love and never even attach any emotions to any girls. Finally you should be going out every night and trying to pick up hot girls during the day, whenever an option appears. Maybe there are some more characteristics, but these are the ‘golden three’. Oh yeah, maybe you shouldn’t care if any of these girls have a boyfriend, husband or a little baby.

How does it sound to you?

So, now that you know, what the ultimate goal of the community is, do you still want to pursue it? I think the guy, I described above would have a pretty interesting, but not really a happy nor healthy life. So why do we behave and pretend we want to become that guy?

The answer is simple – this is how any society works. We’d probably be happy earning a decent living at a job we enjoy (or even love), driving the same car for years, having long vacations and not buying much new clothes, but… we want to be respected and admired, so we work our tails off Just to get that additional pat on the back and this one more ‘awe’ look from our peers. This is nightmare already in our professional life, why would we want to expand these crazy behaviours to our love/intimate life as well?!

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