5 Dating And Dangerous Mistakes That Make You Look Dumb (and How To Avoid Them)

dating mistakes Today we are going to see together the 5 big common seduction mistakes that men, do and keep doing, once they end up in front of a beautiful woman.


Stop making women your one and only motivation

It is THE biggest mistake that a man can possibly make. I know men who go as far as considering women their one and only reason to live.

You know what I mean?

I know some guys who do everything, FOR women. Like my cousin Richard who buys new clothes  just to show off and look good in front of Sarah, that girl from the accounting department. Another guy wastes money CARELESSLY to meet women, like my neighbor Bob who joins different clubs (yoga, bodybuilding, horse riding…) when he really sucks at such activities and hobbies… But he’s there, taking it easy and he is being proud of himself… ‘I do it to meet beautiful women’, he answers courageously.

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  1. I agree don’t be to available that looks desperate and I don’t want all that crazy. I want a man is who sure and knows what he wants and bending over backwards doesn’t exude confidence. I agree you can’t love someone until you have spent time with them learning about their lives, anything to soon just like mentioned above looks desperate.

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