How To Deal With a Jealous Girlfriend

Romantic relationships are not always as perfect and happy as we see through the rose-tinted lenses of romantic comedies and TV movies. As you know, building a relationship and sustaining it over the long term require sacrifice, compromise, and balance. Indeed, our personalities and behaviors can lead to tensions, imbalances, and therefore a weakening of our union.

Some “flaws,” then, weigh more than others in the balance, and may highlight a lack of confidence. This is the case with jealousy, which is always destructive. The question that then arises is how to overcome this reflex, which can quickly become extreme. How can you manage a relationship of this type?

how to deal with a jealous girl friend

When I say jealousy, what do you think of?

This is the first question to ask yourself. When we’re facing an enemy, we have to start by knowing it, defining it, in order to attack its weakest points. So let’s look at the psychology of a jealous woman. Lets try to explain her behavior – her possessiveness and tendency to lash out when she feels threatened.

First, we can identify a lack of self-confidence. Clearly, a jealous person’s tendency to belittle and think less of herself comes from a fear of competition with others. Bad reactions are physical evidence of a fear of being abandoned or ignored.

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