Self-Confidence And The Art Of Seduction

“I think I’m handsome enough. I know that I’m not as handsome as other men, but I’m more handsome than others. But I know I can enter a room a leave with someone else’s girlfriend”

This was said by a smart person…

It is undoubtedly the best sentence I ever heard… A Machiavellic sentence that reflects someone’s ENORMOUS self-confidence.

Many men do crazy things to learn how to seduce, and how to become some sort of serial dater with super powers, when they have a hole as big as an ozone layer in their personality.

How do you think you can seduce women when you’re a chicken??

How do you want to be the perfect man if you lack self-confidence?

How do you want your princess to see you as the dominant male if you walk like a puppet?

The equation is therefore very simple: if you lack self-confidence, you will never be able to seduce other women.

Let me tell you something…

Self-confidence is THE basis of seduction. In fact, it is the basis of EVERYTHING you can possibly imagine!!

I wanted to write this article after a discussion I had with a friend of mine, regarding self-confidence. I was able to understand that he had serious confidence problems, all this while he wanted to seduce all the women in the world.

“In fact, if you have no self-confidence, you can try other activities… there… how about raising penguins? Penguins are so cute!!!”

Stop constantly underestimating yourselves!!! Stop under valuing yourselves!! Learn how to cultivate this self-confidence and how to develop it. What I’m about to tell you, will probably surprise you, but it is very important that you understand it.

What I’m going to share with my friends is about to change your vision of seduction, in fact, you will realize that hitting on women is a pretty basic thing.

First, use the Coue method, which consists in repeating small sentences that will boost your confidence, like “I know I’m capable of doing this and I WILL succeed » or « I can make it, I can make it”

Let’s talk about this a little…

The thing is that your beliefs become your reality. Read this sentence again…. Here, I repeat it; YOUR beliefs become YOUR realities.

Our spirit is conceived to illustrate our beliefs. This means if you behave like someone who has lots of self-confidence, and then your spirit, or your subconscious mind, will act accordingly.

To create such interior confidence, you should produce and propagate this confidence AROUND yourselves.

All this because people can tell when someone is self-confident… people can tell by looking at their eyes! Yes, and I mean eyes. Have you ever noticed these people staring at you in the streets, but can’t look at you for more than a second? If you’re part of this category, it’s never too late to change.

Don’t ever escape or avoid looking at someone in the eyes, especially if it’s a woman. I repeat that when you learn seduction, the way you look at people reflects your personality, and reflects your interior, which allows you to communicate with other people.

Let’s take an example.

Samir is a handsome man, and goes to work like every morning. He meets a lovely woman whose name is Sarah, stares at her for a split second, but unfortunately for our young man, he puts his head down and acts like he’s shy, because he can’t realize that a pretty girl is looking at him. Obviously, some girls will say “oooo he’s so cute”, yes perhaps, but you’ll also think that he’s an idiot. If I were a girl I would think “oh what a jerk”.

Even though Sarah may think that Mr. Samir is cute, her subconscious mind will place Samir in the “loser category”. Women do not negotiate with this. The only explanation is that women always think about the future, and when they meet a man, they’ll think like “this man can’t even face my eyes, how will he bee able to protect me…”

Sarah wants more…

The following morning, our lovers meet again. This time Sarah decides to place the bar higher, and decides to smile at him while looking at him in the eyes. Samir got his bonus, but still didn’t react to this golden opportunity, because he thought like: “no, it’s impossible, she’s too pretty for me, if I go talk to her, she’ll reject me, and I’m sure I’m not her type anyways.”

Honestly, this is bull shit…

Seriously, do you really think that Samir has a normal constitution?

Do you think that such a kid deserves to be called a MAN?

Can such a person achieve things in life?

Do you want to end up living with such a freak?


If you see a pretty girl staring at you, move your ass and go talk to her, she’s probably your future children’s mother. You’ve got nothing to lose… You know, women are not man eaters, so be self-confident, be courageous and walk towards them like a KING! Within seconds, she will get emotional by the amount of self-confidence that you have and she will think ten years in the future: “I think we’re there, I found the perfect man”

There’s nothing sexier than a handsome AND confident man.

Keep this sentence in mind. Self-confidence is the greatest quality that one can have: people feel secure around you, women feel protected and desired, and YOU feel completely secure!

But there’s something I want to warn you about….

Too much self-confidence can kill you.

If you want to act like a sexy super hero, “ahhhh!!! I’m handsome and I can seduce all the women I want” you will fail, and, worst of all, you’ll fall in the arrogance trap

As you all know, women HATE arrogant men! Learn to figure out your limits, and learn how to be REALISTIC. Do not reach unreachable goals that go over your capacities, like Samir who, one day, wanted to hit on his boss’s daughter by explaining her how stock markets worked…

OK I’ll leave Mr. Samir alone :)

But remember, being self-confident does not always make you more attractive. Believe me and most importantly believe YOURSELF, you can achieve EVERYTHING you dream of achieving, all you need to do is to have strong convictions and will power and you will go very far in your self-development. Apart from the art of seduction, being self-confident will enable you in areas like your professional life and your relationships with others, so don’t be frugal, and fill your CONFIDENCE tank!!

Your friend,


2 thoughts on “Self-Confidence And The Art Of Seduction”

  1. Kamal, I’ve Been an avid reader of yours for the last week. I’ve read maybe 10 or 12 articles of yours and want to make a habit of reading your works daily! I think this article really speaks to me because of this: when I was in high school (I’m 21 now) I was what u might call an emo kid. I had long hair and tight jeans with lip piercings and tattoos. Nobody else in my school had the balls to wear tight jeans and Rock my style so I was at an all time confidence high!! I had any girl I wanted, as a matter if fact I was 16 dating a 22 year old woman! I’ve noticed that since I’ve gotten older I’ve been burned by girls and since changed my style out of fear of what others may think. I have no self confidence and it shows. I realise now that when I was CONFIDENT in whatever style I had I was successful! I will continue to read and make your writings my mantras. Thanks kamal

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