How To Motivate Yourself To Work On Your Lifestyle

LifestyleLittle classical scenario, before we go into the reflection that I will share with you today.

We are Friday night…

You just came home from work/college. You are preparing dinner. It’s getting dark outside. You want to go out and have fun after a long week. You call your friends, send them text messages, and then watch a soccer game.
It’s getting darker. And no one has called yet.

But you still want to go out and meet nice ladies. The problem is that it’s getting REALLY late. Your phone is still dead. You start being desperate, and step by step, abandon the idea of going out. You end up giving up. Consequently, you spend the whole night (watching a little porn movie?) feeling like a loser living a completely boring and sterile life, while others, have fun and take advantage of life!

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