How To Be Different To Seduce Better

The community effect normalizes people

The notion of group is an archaic notion. It stemmed from a primary and unreasonable need which consisted in saying that we should feel that we exist to other people’s eyes. This feeling has never been stronger, and today more than ever. This can sound weird, because our society claims that we are an individualistic society. The huge mass movement of which we are part on a daily basis which shows people changing exponentially with rising populations and the increasing possibilities to exchange things with other people. Virtual communities are another representation of this novelty. The advent of the internet has allowed many users to unite around topics they’re passionate about, regardless of differences and geographical distance.


The group

Groups are scary, by their number, strength and most importantly by their potential, but they are also reassuring. If a person is accepted in a group and becomes a member of that group, it follows implicit and explicit conventions of that group, and will see its behavior and choices go through approval of other group members.

This approval will not only legitimize their actions and thoughts, but also their entire existence. The image that will be sent of it will be one that was often researched before being found. It will serve like the picture of someone who just disappeared, a superficial and incomplete model which will enable to bring closer the interior and the things that they wanted to bring together, which will enable, in sum, the accomplishment of their lives’ most important goals.

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