The Couple Breaker (Or How To Become a Real Asshole)

Couple BreakerToday, I will go straight to the point.

I have begun to see a lot of trash circulating around the Internet, and when I think of my beginnings in the field of seduction, when I was practising the “bad” recipe…I was going to ruin my life because of some quacks on the web.

I had an unique objective of sleeping with the most number of women, to increase my conquests and decorate my so called “hunters table”

I wanted to become a Pick up Artist. Mystery was my idol, girls my target and ‘the game’ my passion.

I was way off the mark.

Fortunately, I realized my mistakes, and I stopped in the middle of the road to turn around

Actually, no.

I completely changed my path. This time, I took another route towards discovering who I really am, and what I really want to do.

My life changed.

I want to address debutants who want to take their love life in their hands. And to begin with, I have one message –

Do not complicate your life

You do not need to read 35600 articles. You do not need to swallow 57495 e-books. You do not need to spend a fortune on an alleged seduction coaching.

You do not need all that.

But, what you do need is –

  • To know what you want from this life
  • To know what you want to accomplish
  • To know what you want to become

This implies one unique thing.

You do not have to believe in what they tell you, even me, when I type these words.

The suggestions I share with you, and the suggestions that my team shares with you, have only one purpose: to enlighten you.

Better yet, to help you open your eyes in a world that is beginning to get complicated and preparing to explode.

This morning, I received an e-mail that ruined my day

“Kamal, I really like a girl who already has a boyfriend, but I want her. She is too good, I really want to bang her ! ”

What do you want me to tell you, my friend? Apart from thanking you for giving me the occasion to give you a good lesson in seduction?

Listen to me very carefully.

Seducing a girl that is already taken….. is the act of a loser.

The only reason you like this girl so much, is because she is “unattainable” and nothing else…. something like the deflection theory. She is perhaps very sexy, beautiful and I don’t know what else, but it is irrelevant.

You want her because you don’t have the balls to approach a new girl, and try your luck with her.

You want her because you want to escape reality.  You have created a bubble to protect yourself….to stay calm in your comfort zone. In short, you are kidding yourself and taking the wrong path.

And you have learned nothing from the art of seduction….I don’t even want to get started on social dynamics.

Now, let us suppose you were stubborn and a talented Pick Up Artist.

You have succeeded in seducing her (should I say flirting, or better still..Manipulating?) She has given in, you are happy. Life is beautiful.

But wait a minute, where do you go now?

Have you thought of her boyfriend? Now ex?

Have you thought of the wrong you have done him ? The poor thing ?

Have you ever been hurt so bad that it seemed like someone stuck a knife in your heart?

Do you know of how this act is susceptible to destroy your life in a few seconds?

I know something, myself. Do you remember the detour I took? In fact, I forgot to precise the TRUE cause of it. It was due to a girl that I picked up, when I knew she was with someone else.I knew she was in a relationship for more than 5 years. I also knew that both of them had plans of getting engaged, and eventually getting married.

But, this virus I had in me, “the Game” virus prohibited me from seeing things in a logical way….In a humane way.

I did as my head wished (who said dick?) I did not care for consequences, all I wanted was this girl in my bed, and the next day in what I call my “hunters table” That’s what I did.

My desire was satisfied. My ego boosted. But on the other side of the river, a couple broke up. But I did not care. I passed on to my next target when I did not realise what damage I had caused. The girl could not continue her relationship while hiding a villainous secret. She confessed to her boyfriend.

Two days later, he came to see me at the university.

I saw pure hatred in his eyes. Had his eyes been a revolver, I’d already be dead.

But he contained himself and said only one thing.

Thank You.

With tears in his eyes, looking at the horizon, his body trembling, he added:

Thank you for destroying my life.

It was one of the most difficult times of my life.

I felt empty. Annihilated. Devastated.

In the grip of confusion and cruel effect of the gloom, I regretted what I did, turned my body, bowed my head and plunged into a deep ocean of grief and melancholy.

I could not speak. No, I SHOULD NOT have spoken.

I goofed up, I broke a couple.

The icing on the cake was : I was disgusted with myself. In front of me was a guy lost, frustrated, and full of hate and suffering.

What did he do to deserve all this?

What did I do to deserve all this?

Basically, I was a simple guy who wanted to change the course of his life, and not become a fucking couple breaker, without a heart, nor an objective….nor a direction to life. If you have read this far, consider yourself lucky.

I am not one for talking shit.

But, what I just shared with you is very important. You will not find it elsewhere.

Take half an hour right now, and think about what you have done since the beginning of your adventure in seduction. Take a paper, and try and describe what your future may look like. Also be sure to write your objectives and goals, professional or personal.

But before all, I would like you to write at the very top of the page…

Never break a couple

You are not, and I do not wish you become a couple breaker, without a heart or any sense of empathy.You are worth ten times more than that.

To whom it may concern.

Your friend,


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