How To Be Good In Bed: Become the man of her dreams

Want to literally become the man of her dreams? The one she fantasizes about as she drifts to sleep? The answer is simple – and it’s not about what’s in your pants or your wallet! The secret to success in bed, like in most areas, is self-confidence.

how to be good in bed

When we talk about intimacy, confidence is the most important thing – okay, okay, size matters, too – bust confidence matters even more. Self-confidence alone can make the difference between a huge geek and a total sex god. It’s not because you’re good in bed or have special skills, but because your charisma makes you sexy and exciting. If you have ever had thoughts like “I don’t deserve to be in the same room as this bombshell” or “I shouldn’t even be breathing the same air as her,” you sure don’t have any chance of sleeping with her! A good lover acts confidently, without fear and without apology. His actions give the message “this guy knows what he’s doing.”

A good lover wants to have sex – he’s not afraid of it! His confidence overcomes any lack of experience or ignorance. Is she going to think you’re behaving strangely in bed? Not if you’re absolutely sure of your actions – she’ll come to think that SHE is the one lacking practice! How could such a confident man NOT know what he’s doing?

What does confidence look like?

Imagine the entire room is at the bottom a pool, and you and your partner are trying to make love underwater. This is just about the rate you need to take. Your movements should be slow and purposeful. This tells your partner: “I ​‘m not nervous; I’m not stressed – I’m in control, so you can just relax.”

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