How To Wear Suits

It is a secret for no one that suits have been work in France by a number of ladies’ men, and it is because it is elegant and sober. If you look at it, it is a refined outfit which has continuity from the top to the bottom, not to mention shoes which accommodate and give a result of a beauty that has rarely been equaled in terms of clothes. Suits are the outfit, but you don’t just choose a suit.

Choosing a suit

For suits you should apply the same rules as those which I exposed for shirts. Forget about everything that comes from big clothes brands. Look towards bigger brands. Your references regarding suites should be: Oswald Boateng, Dolce and Gabbana, Gucci, Prada, Versace, De Fursac… You should choose a suit that should be original. Choosing a black suit is not an option unless it has original aspects such as small squares or a particular fabric.

You should prefer gray suits. A golden rule that you should follow is that when you buy a suit, you should also go to a tailor, who will adjust it (hanging, adjustment at the shoulder level, pants hem etc.). An excellent alternative idea which uses a lot of people who wear suits is having a tailored suit. But you will need a good tailor.

Taking care of a suit

Dry cleaning is the best way to clean your suit, and such an outfit is better when between the hands of professionals, without counting the time that you will gain as taking care of this suit is hard work. Never leave a shirt on an iron hanger, and put in on an adapted hanger. Also, don’t take your suit to the dry cleaner more than once or twice a year, as you are not so dirty that you should clean it more often. It would damage it, and if that is the case, learn how to eat properly.

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