How To Wear Leather Jacket

The leather jacket can not be avoided. Whether it is in the spring or in fall, or during winter days during which the thermometer shows positive degrees, leather jackets are a good way to combine elegance and casual chic. It goes well with basically all types of shirts, all types of shoes, all types of pants, but also with a multitude of accessories (headscarf, tie, and belt). An error would be to believe that you can wear any leather jacket you want and that you can wear it any way you want.

Leather Jacket : Cut and fabric

A leather jacket should be at your size, meaning that you should fit inside, and that it should not float.

It should be close to your body at the chest level, and this is not an option. Regarding the shoulders, it is the same as for your shirts: it should not take the shoulders, and it should frame your shoulders impeccably. Sleeves should be tight at the wrist area, so forget about any leather jacket that has ample aspects.

Beautiful leather, whether it is a jacket or pants, should be very thin. The thinner the leather, the better it is. The essential thing is to wear plunged sheep leather, even though some salesman will argue that cow leather is less fragile. Another important point is that good leather smells like good leather, and good leather is soft. If you put your hands on it, it should slide and you should feel no asperity

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