The 5 Mistakes Men Make During Oral Sex.

oral sex mistakes by men

Oral sex is one of the best ways to pleasure a woman. However, not all men have mastered the art – are you still making beginner mistakes, or are you a professional? You’ll soon discover the many differences between the two!

Don’t worry if you don’t get the results you want at first – you’ll have plenty of opportunities to improve if you follow the advice we give in our regular Sexuality column.

There she is, laying on the bed, legs spread. She gently removes her underwear like an invitation to take action. You know what she expects from you. She kisses you wildly, pushes your hands away and grabs you by the neck, dragging your head towards her lap…

It’s time to show off your talents! Whether it’s a one-night-stand, or your girlfriend, here are 5 mistakes to avoid if you want to leave her satisfied!

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