The Thrill of The Chase… Or, You only Want What You Can’t Have!

thrill of the chase

These two phrases may seem like clichés, but they are quite true when it comes to seduction (or human relations in general, for that matter).

When you think about it, this is what gives excitement to the concepts of flirting, charisma, self-confidence, and attractiveness. If every woman you smiled at fell into your arms, you’d get bored pretty quickly (and they would too!).

The idea that people only want what they can’t have is at the HEART of seduction.  You might even say it is something of a magic formula for any aspiring player.  Hard fought victories mean more – and require a strong opponent!

When you look at the men and women that youidolize, what comes to mind? Maybe they seem out of this world, like they’re not even in the same league as normal people.

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