How to Lose your Virginity

comment faire l'amour plus longtemps à une femme

This is the question that always comes up when you are anxiously awaiting your first time.  You see your friends getting laid, and it seems like every TV show and movie are showing people having sex.  This can beat you down and demoralize you – but what’s the secret? How can you finally stop being a virgin?

This is an issue that will interest more than one of SBK’s readers ! Don’t panic – today I’ve decided to come to your aid and share some answers that will help ease the wait, show you that all is not lost, and that good things come to those who wait!  Let’s get started.


1. Impatience is your enemy

I’ve been there and I know what I’m talking about from experience… I too was once waiting for that celebrated first time, trying to make it happen every time I met a new girl, and feeling unable to think about anything else… in hindsight, it’s clear that this is the worst thing to do. You are young and have your entire life before you – so many events that are as (or more) important than this first time you have sex. One day or another the opportunity will come up– but it will take longer if it’s all you can think about.If a young guy can’t think of anything other than having sex, it’s as obvious as if he had it written on his forehead – and girls will be able to see that desperate guy coming from a mile away!

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