Three tips that will help you understand women better

understand womenOne of the problematic topics for men, whether they are experienced seducers or sweet docile little guys, is that it is not easy for them to understand women when they speak, or to decode their behavior, without taking the time to analyze, think and draw conclusions that, I hope will help you for in the future.

This article, the beginning of a long series does not intend to clarify everything or to solve your daily worries, it is just a call for you to be careful when it comes to your relations with the weaker sex, but who takes advantage of this situation to better control what surrounds it (the world?), social intelligence oblige…

A Major difference for better cohesion

Differences between the two sexes have existed since the beginning of times and will continue existing despite all the revolutions, may they be socio-cultural or psychological, but I will hate you if you’re one of those who are for gender equality.

You will not find words of encouragement here. We are not here to discuss the two main characters and which of the two is better (both camps have good members and bad members), I only want to tell you some truths which some of you may find obvious, while others may find them more complicated. This is how knowledge is passed on (in light of this I kindly invite you to submit a few contributions, dear readers).

Though it may seem that there is no doubt differences exist between men and women at the biological and psychological levels, and these differences – even though they admit them and accept this theory-will make a few blunders when managing relationships: some may try to understand women by trying to think that if they were women… while still thinking like men.

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