Who Should Pick Up The Check On The First Date?

Lately, I’ve been getting more and more interesting questions on our service, the Net Seduction Coaching.

The most recent one comes to me from Yasser (in Paris) who asked me to give some concrete answers about THE most sensitive subject in the world of romantic relationships, which constantly comes back to the surface, and which has caused much ink to be spilled:

Who should pay the bill, the man or the woman??

I’ll show you his letter and my reply.

Hi Kamal,

2 thoughts on “Who Should Pick Up The Check On The First Date?”

  1. I love the 2 plus 1 rule ! I always offer to pay when I am going out with my fiance. Often he refuses, but he appreciates that I am willing. Other times he enjoys being the one treated. I agree if your invested in the relationship you will have no problem offering to pay from time to time.

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