The Simple 5-Step Formula To Recover Fom a Broken Heart (And Never Fall On It Again)

One of the most critical, most painful periods a human being can experience during his life, is a breakup!

You’ve had some wonderful times together, unforgettable and extraordinary times, and then one day she says: I’m leaving you… it’s time to say goodbye.

It’s heartbreak knocking at your door, hello trouble!

Everyone’s been there, everyone understands the depth of that endless suffering, that suffering that plunges you into a world of darkness and shadows, that transforms your rosy life into a life that’s colorless, tasteless, and even worse, a sour smell is hanging, now, over your daily life…

You spend nights thinking about the woman you love, nights replaying memories of the good times you spent together, the times you shared with happiness and love.

In songs, they talk about broken hearts, and you think it’s just a figure of speech, but now you have a cruel emptiness where your heart should be, you feel like everything is broken and it’s making you suffer…

And indeed, in an increasingly cruel world, you can’t just sit there and sulk a corner, the cycle of life keeps turning, and you have to follow it, you have to keep turning with it and living. Because we all know it: whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Experience is never bad, look on the bright side of things, stay positive and be optimistic, for one girl you lose, you’re going to find 2000 others, it’s time to be a Man!

The very first thing to do…

Cut all ties with her, you don’t want any part of her friendship if you’ve really been hurt. You simply need to cut off all contact with her in the most direct way possible. Avoid her, it will do you good. If she insists on a potential friendship, re-read the article If We Stayed Friends, and explain that love never turns into friendship. However, I invite you to remain neutral, make it look like you’re accepting all the nonsense she may suggest and keep an objective outlook.

Go out and go out, over and over

Why not rediscover the fun of nights out with buddies, crazy nights when you can let yourself do anything you feel like. It’s the perfect time to reconnect with your old friends and have fun with them. There’s nothing better than being surrounded by friends, people who love you and appreciate you, who are ready for anything, just to make you happy, so you might as well take advantage of the chance!

Work, work, work…

Throw yourself into your work, into your studies, give it everything you’ve got, go beyond your limits. The outcome can only be positive, and the rewards will arrive very quickly. Be professional and forget your little sentimental side, after all, it’s YOUR career that matters and nothing else.

New relationship, but a short one!

There’s no better way to fill up a blank spot than making some new female acquaintances and finding new adventures, but definitely not a serious relationship, it’ll never work! It takes a huge adjustment period to start from scratch, unless you’re a chameleon…

Careful, don’t be a douchebag! If the girl is serious and doesn’t want a casual adventure like you, leave her alone and don’t give her false hopes!

Stay Positive

The mistake we all make is to whine and complain about our fate. William Shakespeare said in Romeo and Juliet thatsome grief shows much of love; But much of grief shows still some want of wit. As a matter of fact, it’s not the end of the world if you separate after many happy years, I say it and I repeat it, an experience is never bad, you have to pick yourself up and learn lessons from it to keep living with pride, you’re a man!

To conclude, let me share a great quote by Paul Leautaud with you:

“The advantage of being single is that, when you find yourself in front a beautiful woman, you don’t have to feel guilty about having ugly one back home.”

Your friend,


4 thoughts on “The Simple 5-Step Formula To Recover Fom a Broken Heart (And Never Fall On It Again)”

  1. Heh that’s right my friend ! I was there, in the middle of the dark forest wondering what’s going to happen next, I felt hopeless, restless without any kind of encouragment for life. This article shows you exactly what you should do , step by step – just stick to it and you gonna recover.

    I can assure you, it won’t be easly , you have many doubts , hesitations but the reward is worth all of your devotion :)

    Just be a MAN – IT’S YOUR JOB ! (You don’t have breaks – you’r THE MAN !)

  2. certainly cut all ties, you cannot move on until you do, healing cannot begin when your still pining for what has been. Great tips on how to move on.

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