What David Beckham Can Teach You About Seduction

On SeductionbyKamal.com, we permit ourselves to bring a touch of originality to our articles on seduction and today’s article is no exception.

Those who know me well, know that I am an unconditional fan of the famous David Beckham, pronounced with a British accent gives us Daaaavvid Beck’am. :D

In the series of articles on personalities and seduction, today, I will speak of Mr. Becks to try and draw new lessons on seduction. It gives me great pleasure to have David Beckham as a special guest on SeductionbyKamal.com, and I know you will love this article because my fingers are on fire. I am very excited to share with you my observations on my top hero! (My second hero? Pamela Anderson….no, just kidding)

Open your eyes wide; here is the first lesson on seduction:

A keen sense of observation topped with radiating confidence.

If you follow football, without doubt, you are aware that David Beckham is the best passer in the world…and I weigh my words well.

2 thoughts on “What David Beckham Can Teach You About Seduction”

  1. Hello kamal,

    Ah this famous David, What class !
    Also a big thank you to Victoria ;)

    I am french and i am a veritable fan of SBK, and thanks to this traducion of blog. It allows me to learn English at the same time as the seduction

    The 9 éléments of the séduction will it translated one day ?

    Congratulation for your good work and that of translator.



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