Little Known Ways to Approach a Man and Seduce Him

Approach a man and seduce himI always learned in my classes on Marketing that the way you sell a product is more important than the product itself…

If you’re one of those classic women who blindly believe that they can just sit down, make cute little smiles from time to time, and then wait for their prince charming, with his white horse, to come to them… Don’t read the following.

If, on the other hand, you’re an intelligent woman who lives in the 21st century, who knows perfectly well what SHE wants… Read this article, you’re going to love it.

Before I get to the main subject of the present article, I would just like to say that the act of approaching a man is absolutely not something outrageous or, as some conceive of it, shameful. On the contrary, it shows that you are a very confident lady and that you know exactly what YOU want: Us men, we love it!

Therefore, allow me to offer you ladies some constructive advice that will, no doubt, help you set the record straight when it comes to approaching a man, your prince charming :-)

Be yourself, not an inaccessible queen

We all know it.

A very beautiful woman is coveted 24 hours a day, by every different type of man, even Mr. Jerk and his friend, Mr. Jackass. It’s easy to understand then, that the “shield” some women put up is perfectly designed for that kind of man, to eliminate them quickly, like flies.

Are we in full agreement on that point?


But if you’re not the Ms. “Sexy” that everyone idolizes? Don’t try to play the unreachable, untouchable princess. It’s not good for your health. You’re going to miss out on some very good opportunities because you’re heading in the wrong direction. Your man may be very shy (the source of the problem), why not offer him the chance to discover your wonderful personality?

Have a personality

It’s the best advice I can offer you, ladies.

I’ve met lots of women who were very beautiful, but who unfortunately had very dull personalities. All that beauty suddenly disappeared: a total disappointment.

So… Keep in mind that your personality is more important than your looks. Let’s repeat together:

“My personality is more important than my looks.”

Right… Let’s move on to the next piece of advice.

Eye contact

Ladies… You have to understand something very important.

Not all men have visited my website, and in general, not all men have mastered all the techniques of seduction. And if not, their attempts at seduction will turn out to be a complete mess.

What’s more…

Be aware that some men are shy and don’t really have the balls to come up and approach you when you’re playing the clever, untouchable young lady of the world. When you activate your anti-dork shield. So then, why not make his task easier?

A little Eye Contact with a very subtle and sexy smile would be a lovely sign of interest from you, your first gift so to speak, to this slightly shy prince charming…

Be different

This is another very important or vital quality.

A woman who’s different from other women is something beautiful, unique. When you act, you think, you LIVE as a special woman, you are truly SPECIAL in his eyes. You have a completely different mindset from the crowd.

Don’t bring yourself down to the level of Mr. Ordinary. You are, I repeat, special.

Be confident

If you’re not: it’s high time to learn to be.

There is nothing sexier than a beautiful and confident woman. The simple act of going up and approaching a man suggests that you are overflowing with confidence. You only need to have it, not only at the moment of the approach, but also throughout your conversation.

Be unpredictable

Approaching a man is a little out of the ordinary, we’re in agreement. And THAT is the reason you’ll automatically fluster him and take him “off guard.” Do exactly what a man could never predict.

Rejected? So what ???

It’s is not the end of the world if the gentleman isn’t interested in you, as long as you have the RIGHT mindset. Tell yourself that if he rejects me, it’s just because he doesn’t know my real personality, he’s rejecting the complete stranger that I am.

But you know what … I have good news for you.

Even if a man isn’t interested in a woman, he always tends to keep the conversation going with her out of politeness. It’s actually a great opportunity to show him your wonderful personality and your unique qualities: To change his opinion!

Be classy

I’m talking about your clothes.

You’re invited, ladies, to put on clothes in which you feel COMFORTABLE. Don’t dress up in a Barbie costume to imitate miss too-sexy. It’s very important to understand and know that a woman who tries to ‘play the great game of fashion’ may be ill-treated. Don’t lose points so stupidly.

As a reminder : My personality is more important than my Look.

Don’t talk TOO MUCH

When you’re nervous, you talk TOO MUCH. This is the worst, most stressful thing for men, it really bothers them. Remember that you’re the woman, the act of approaching him is already a huge success. Let him lead the conversation, and help him keep it going when it stalls.

More importantly…

There’s no better way to flatter the ego of a man than making him feel he’s being listened to.

The ‘SS’ approach: Simplicity & Smile

Walk directly toward him and make sure he sees you coming. Don’t approach him from behind, only thieves and beggars do that… Put on your best smile and say:


Simple & effective. I repeat, if you walk by showing off a beautiful smile, you have a splendid chance of getting the attention of your handsome man. A smile costs nothing, but gets major results. A smiling woman is an intelligent woman. Make your smile your weapon of mass seduction.

On the other hand, when you’re in a trendy bar or a pub, go to the counter, there are always men waiting to order their drink, it’s really easy to start a conversation, just say:

“ Could you recommend a good cocktail ? ”

Or else:

“Would you mind ordering for me?”

or something similar… But careful, definitely don’t use this line:

“will you buy me a drink, handsome young man?”

Let me remind you: Be different!

Go! No more excuses from now on!!! Never hesitate to approach a man you like, he may just be the father of your future babies 😉

Your friend,


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