She canceled the date… what to do now?

The topic for this article is inspired by a real conversation that I had with a colleague. He had a date with a girl one week and he invited me to have a cup of coffee, so that I could give him a few tips…

I did so with great pleasure.

He was confident and happy, as he left the coffee place and went to sleep with a smile on his face, a champion’s smile. He had the keys to success (and seduction!) in hand.

Pure happiness.

On Monday morning, I went to kinda learn about his date… he was disappointed and almost frustrated, as he told me with a desperate voice: No Kamal, she didn’t come, she canceled the date…

What a bitch!

I invited him again for lunch – and we had a very interesting discussion, and I’m going to share with you my thoughts on that discussion.

To get started, let me tell you something…

Every man, every normal man, has once been stood up, at least once in his life. First truth: no need to despair. These things happen.

In fact, if this never happened to you, you’re not a normal person (what are you doing here? Get out!) Now let me tell you about a revolutionary trick…

Did you know that canceling a date is a seduction technique, perhaps the oldest one?

Did you know that this technique is a mandatory passage which constitutes one the weapons (massive weapons) of seduction for women?

Did you know that, in my book, The Guide for a Woman to Seduce Men, I wrote an entire chapter to teach women about the art and ways to cancel a date?

All this just to tell you that whoever your target may be, she will use this evil technique with YOU, at some point.

So no need to show you a movie and play a dramatic comedy.

It’s useless.

The state my colleague was in, even though I like that guy, inspired me pity. I could not stand seeing such disappointment in his face… because of a woman.

I tried hard to make him question his state, to make him feel good (which is always the state I’m inJ). Now let me share with you a few tips that you should apply, when your target stands you up.

Don’t panic.

No need to remind you: a woman who cancels the date is a mandatory step in the game of seduction. Whether it’s the first date or whatever date, I repeat, you will see her stand you up. That’s life. That’s what women are all about.

Just go out!

Did you plan to go eat at an Italian restaurant? No problem, you can still enjoy a nice lasagna.

Are you part of those who read about my seduction method, and who adopt it, I suppose now that you have an attractive lifestyle and a solid social circle: invite friends to join you last minute, you don’t need a miracle.

Don’t be pathetic.

At the beginning in the seduction world, as you know, I wasn’t in top shape. One day, a girl stood me up, I was so stupid that I sent her a pathetic text message: It’s OK if you can’t come, let’s postpone till next week, I’ll call you to see when we can meet. Hugs.

The text message sent her this image about me: I’m a needy guy, I’m not interesting and I have no social life. No style. NOTHING.

In a similar case:
Act like you’re dead.

Every normal woman, every interesting woman, should send a small text message to excuse herself (sometimes using a lame excuse, like her goldfish’s funeral).

How to reply to this text message?

Very simple: Do not reply. Yes, you read me.

By ignoring her text message, you send her a subtle and provocative message that you don’t care about her. She will feel like a 14 year old, and she’ll feel bad about it. By opting for silence, you push her to ask herself the question:

Does he have any interest in me in the end?

Did you know that women who start wondering thing about you, are women who are about to fall in love with you;)

If she insists, answer with this text message:

“Don’t worry, I had a good night out that evening;)

Let her offer the next date, eventually.

If you were the one who asked her out on a date, you should NOT, ever, ask her out on a second date. SHE should.

If you act life a freak (like I used to) you are simply gonna kill the attraction between you two, and you will, consequently, lose value to her eyes.

When she cancels a date, act like you’re dead, you will push her to offer a second date (catch up session).

In that case, after having observed silence for about 5 days, you can send her this text message:

“I just checked your horoscope, they say you want to spend a good night out with an interesting and sexy man, that you should show leadership and ask him out on a date ”

Light, funny and unique.

If the opposite happens and she does not take the initiative, I invite you to move on: ==> Next.

In the opposite case you should not waste your time with a woman who knows nothing about social dynamics.

To conclude…

The most important thing about this article is the state of mind that you should cultivate: don’t be anxious. Stay cool, go out and meet your friends and you should know that, if a woman cancels a date, in most cases, this is a sign of interest: she wants to seduce you, and in order to do so, every technique is a good technique;)

Here’s what you should do now…

Write a comment about your experience in a similar situation. What did you do? If the article enables you to change ideas, tell me how you will proceed now.

Write a comment, it’s free. Why prevent yourself from doing so?



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