3 Quick & Fundamental Tips To Help Your Build a Better Style


Going around shops looking for quality clothes at the best prices is a difficult exercise. Between approximate cuts, cheap colors and bad fabrics, a lot of hurdles need to be crossed.

You need to separate the good from the bad before you may make a bad deal and spend money without progress.

This is why I will give you three tips today regarding looks. They are from my concrete experience in the makeover agency that I created in Paris in 2008. By following these tips, you will avoid falling into 80% of the traps that could have reserved you the search for a good look.

Tip Number 1: Don’t listen to salesmen

This point may sound extreme, but usually salesmen in clothes shops open for the general public are not fashion specialists. These are simply people who were trained to sell. Doesn’t matter whether your clothes don’t fit, because with them, it’s always THE cut you need, THE color that puts you forward or THE fabric that makes you look good. They are very good at flattering people, but when it comes to improving your style, it’s everything that you don’t need.

The only exception that we can make to this rule is the case where fashion stores are very strict and have intimate relationships with clients. These kinds of stores have confidential creators that are found in stores in all the great fashion capitals of the world (Paris, New York, Milan, Stockholm…). In such stores, salesmen are often real counselors and are really passionate about style. At such stores, you can go your eyes closed, and you will be sure you will not just be buying clothes, as the price will make you feel that you really bought something.

You should therefore understand the logic of my tip: big brands (those where 80% of the men go) recruit salesmen. Such stores are specialized by creators who recruit counselors, fashion aficionados who will know how to orient you.

Tip number 2: admit that you don’t know

This second point will directly concern your ego. Men don’t like being wrong, especially when it’s clear. With looks, you can not cheat : if you’re not dressed up, it shows. It is needless to try to prove the opposite, as you will be even more pathetic. If you want to improve, you should accept that you don’t know. To improve, this is mandatory, fundamental, otherwise you will hit a brick wall. Be curious, be open and try asking as many questions as you can. This will help you understand fashion and build your own style by starting from new bases.

I encourage you to accept the remarks that people will make to you at this stage. It is often a good start to understand when something’s wrong at the level of your outfit style. Remarks made by people surrounding you are the most advanced sign that you should make an effort regarding your presentation.

Ask yourselves whether they tell you, and if they do, it means that many other people think the same thing but don’t dare to tell you. Imagine the work that you have ahead of you, when you start understanding that, step by step, the mistakes that you make have accumulated over the years in a stylistic desert.

To improve your knowledge of looks for men, I encourage you to learn as much as you can. In order to do so, you should consult with blogs that specialize in such areas, and you should subscribe to fashion magazines. In SeductionByKamal.com/En, we will give you more tips in the upcoming articles.

Tip Number 3: Take your time

The first mistake that people make when they’re interested in looks is that they go too fast. They accumulate information quickly, don’t take the time to understand the influences of such or such clothes, and in the end we image that building a good look is purely a game of mathematics, This is obviously a wrong approach that will make you miss the hidden face of the iceberg.

Style is not always logical, and is not exclusively spiritual. It is a balance which both subtle and fragile and that you will learn how to handle with time. Fashion is also a passion which people live through practice. You can’t improve your style if you don’t have a clear connection to the outfit. Getting too much technical information about style will not improve your style; it will simply make you a « fashion geek ».

Take the time to understand your readings and the tips that you are given. Take the time to fail and to learn from your mistakes. We are living in times where everything is ready to be consumed, and people are not used to waiting to gain access to everything quickly. But here it’s all about your stylistic identity. To have a good look you should also take time to learn about yourself in a technical way (morphology, skin color, hair color etc.) an in a philosophical way.

We will go deeply in this, the next time !

Your friend,


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