How To Really Master The Art Of Seduction

master the art of seductionThese days, and with the Internet boom, there are a lot of seduction sites out there…

Some blogs are rather authentic, others are scams, but what I’m trying to say here is, sometimes, you can find some serious bullshit promising you how to get the love of your dreams..


You like reading articles about seduction, which is really cool, but let me ask you a question…

  • Do you practice seduction?
  • Do you go out during daytime or at night to apply all the tips that you read?
  • Do you REALLY seduce… in the field ?

If the answer is yes, then I’m happy to hear that. You are surely heading towards the right direction, and probably, you are now in the middle of a romantic date with one of your sweethearts. I’m not surprised.

But, unfortunately, this is not the case for many of us…

I’m probably going to shock you, but I’m ALMOST sure that, only 10%, if not less, of the people who read articles on SbK or elsewhere don’t practice what they learn. Even worse… they go by inventing stupid excuses, as I’ve seen lately on my blog:

‘Kamal, your tip scan help seduce French women, not ALL women… »

!!!! This is the most sophisticated and cutest excuse I’ve ever heard!!!!

First tips then…

Stop making up excuses

The guy who, in order to remain in his comfort zone, comes up with this nice sentence to feel more comfortable and stay in peace…


  • Have you tried to apply at least 5% of what I write?
  • Did you at least try to go out to a pub or a night club to try to seduce beautiful girls ?
  • Have you at least applied ONE tip, ONE day?

OK, let’s skip this…

In the planet of excuses, we can find the most beautiful ones:

Today I’m not feeling good, I’m tired, I will surf on the internet a little bit, read a few articles on SbK, and I promise that next week, I will apply them !

This is called Procrastination. (Delaying today’s work to the next day, etc.)

I don’t have time, I’m really busy these days… I promise you that as soon as I’m done with my exams, I will practice your tips!

No time to go out? I see that you still have time to watch a few porn movies and to play Poker on faceboook…

I’m very ugly/short/whatever to seduce, a girl would never want to go out on a date with me…

And I don’t want to see you, if you keep talking like that…

It’s too cold today, and the night club is quite a ride from my place. I can’t go there tonight.

Very cold? If you want to stay warm, there is nothing better than being in the arms of a beautiful sexy girl…

For the love of God… stop making up excuses and get out of your place!

Just get the Heck out of your place !

How do you want to meet beautiful girls when you’re on MSN and Facebook 24/7… ?

How do you want to seduce and flirt with girls when your hands keep flirting with your computer’s keyboard?

How could you have a girlfriend, when your chair has become your love that never leaves you?


The simple fact that you read seduction article, but, do not go out of your place to apply them, does not give ANY results. It is like pouring water in the sand, it’s just… USELESS.

At least, at the VERY least… you should go out of your place twice a week, either to a bar, a night club, a pub, a museum, a supermarket… it does not matter where you go out, even if it’s a Mosque… NOOOO… Just kidding, don’t try Mosques, or one of our Ninja friends could blow himself up next to you :)

So, the important thing is… GO OUT, APPLY

Indeed… you have discovered a new Opener on this blog, adapt it to your own style and try it the very same day. In your high school, in your college or even at work, you have NOTHING to lose… Just Do It!

So… Why wait for D day to try this Opener? As an old saying goes : better late than never

Still, I would advise you to go out to night clubs or pubs to apply the seduction lessons that you learned, in the night’s world. Hitting on and seducing chicks at these kinds of places is a lot easier and more smooth. Girls are, as they say, there to get hit on and test their seduction potential on men… Show them that you are an SbK reader who has demonstrated his abilities… A ladies’ man a gentleman!

Nothing is simpler… Call your best friend and offer him to spend a night out to have a little fun hitting on Chiquitas…

And you know what…

You don’t have to conquer that beautiful lady in first shot. I won’t hide from you the fact that a lot of women will tell you to knock it off, will reject you and some will prevent you from playing your act… Not to mention those who will mock you discretely… You have to go through this step, otherwise you will NEVER improve.

At least, you’re in launch mode and you’ve tried… Not like those who are stuck in front of their computers reading articles without applying anything they read, and then making stupid comments (our friends will surely recognize themselves). As times goes by, you will develop a certain confidence and cultivate a certain attractiveness and you will, in other words, become the person who rejects women if they don’t match your criteria and standards… Don’t forget, you are and remain the PRICE.

Seduction is played on the ground, in the field…  with women… Not on a chair and desk like wingmen.

So move your ass and get out of your place…


Your friend,


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