How to tell if a woman is interested in you

interested-womanSomething funny happened last weekend.

This was Friday night in Warsaw, in one of my favorite night clubs, Opera.

What I’m about to tell you is going to surprise you.

Remember… that article that I wrote about the methods to go out and have fun by yourself at a night club, among the many tips I shared with you, one of them was to talk to a guy who also came to the club by himself.

That’s what I did, but I used a different approach.

What I like about this club called Opera (in Warsaw) is that it really is an opera in the morning 😀 in front of the dance floor, there’s a floor that can allow a global view on the whole night club: you can see everything that’s happening… from the blond girl with silicon who does that funny face thinking that it’s sexy, to the Polish guy who smells vodka, to a 58 year old man who salivates when seeing all those beautiful blonds (including the one with silicones) and who acts like a jaguar who hasn’t been fed forever.

It really is a world of its own.

As for me, I was there, with my red shirt that you all like, a coke in my hand (yeye, I –no longer- drink alcohol) listening to house music (seriously I go to this club almost every weekend just for the music- and for the blondes -) and I look at all these people having fun, dancing, as if it were the last day of the existence of this earth.

Life is beautiful.

Next to me stands a young man in his 20s. He was wearing a blue shirt with squares and a blue pair of jeans which lost its color because he probably washes it too much. He was holding a mojito, and was following the music’s rhythm with his feet, while looking closely at someone who was on the dance floor (all he needed was a pipe and he would be Sherlock Holmes)

Yes, it was a blond!

I continue scanning the whole club and for some reason, I don’t know why, I go back to that guy, this time to check what was going on between those two loves.

The blond girl was alone on the dance floor, with short hair, a tongue piercing (mmmmmmmm) a sleeveless shirt and latex stalking that looked really erotic, and she was looking at the guy who was next to me, smiling and making sweet eye contact.

Was a beautiful love story about to be born?

Not really…

The guy next to me did not want to move his ass. Or dare I say, he COULD not move his ass. The girl was smiling at him, had that enticing look, and he was there, acting like a freak. I couldn’t believe what I was saying.

Then, uncle Kamal comes to the rescue.

“ Dude… this girl wants you… you SHOULD  go see her NOW” I whispered to his ears.

“Yes I know… I noticed that” He told me

“So go ahead my friend, dance and have fun. You don’t get pretty blonds smiling at you everyday” I told him

5 minutes later, still nothing

10 minutes later, he still didn’t move

15 minutes later… nothing

“The longer you wait the more you will hesitate” I whispered to his ears, except that this time the blond saw us.

The guy had no choice, and honestly, I was losing patience. This girl was staring at me, giving me that weird look.

Seriously I would have jumped to the occasion without thinking twice. But our friend was there, complicating his life, sipping his mojito and not knowing what he was about to miss out on.

Then all of a sudden…

“OK, I will take your advice… I will go dance with her” the guy tells me.

“It was about time, dude, it was about time” I muttered.

Indeed, our hero decided to go ahead, went down to the dance floor, approached the girl, and within a few seconds, they started dancing and having fun.

I’m a good guy, I know…

So I decided to move, just so I could leave the guy alone and let him take advantage of this beautiful life, and not put pressure on him. I disappeared in the crowd.

20 minutes later, someone pokes my shoulder.

When I turned around, guess who I saw?

Yes, the sexy blond.

Me: “Hey you! What’s up?”

The sexy blond: “not much, was that guy your friend? He was a little TOO shy I think”

Me: “Not he wasn’t my friend. I just saw a love story unfolding between you two and I pushed him to approach you. That’s all”

The sexy blond: “yes, I noticed that… I saw how much you pushed him to come approach me. Should I say thank you?”

Me: “No, not really, my job consists in helping people with their love life”

Then followed a long conversation about my trips, my books, my coaching sessions and… J

I will spare the meeting’s details, because I can guess that you know what came next, so I will focus on the day’s lesson:

You should know how to read signs that someone’s interested, otherwise, just forget about the world of seduction.

The first quality for a quality seducer, and I’m talking about you dear reader who reads our articles and eBooks, and thus is interested in the art of seduction and everything related to personal development, is that you should know how to spot signs that she’s interested and all the messages that women send you.

You may have the guts to approach a stranger, if you can’t read the signs that she’s interested, you’re gone.

As much as you may have a strong personality, charisma, self-confidence, self-esteem… you may be the king of talk and conversation, you may be the world’s greatest seducer…


If you can’t read the signs that she’s interested, you are, in my opinion, like the captain of a ship who goes on an adventure in the ocean, without carrying a map, a compass, and without a plan. Guess what will happen?

Dear  friend, please note this…

Reading signs that women send should be your priority, if you decide to join the world of seduction. You cannot ignore this. This is a vital necessity if you want to learn seduction.

When a woman sends interest signals (IOI) you should be able to read them instantly.

  • Is she smiling at you with cuddly eyes? Go talk to her now!
  • Is she standing up, next to you, and she stands for a while, when she wasn’t there previously? Approach her now!
  • Is she dancing and sending you cute looks while talking with friends? Talk to her now!
  • Is she dancing and sending you cute signals while talking with her friends? Talk to her now!
  • Does she have a weird look and yelling at you? Congratulations, you just stepped on her foot:D

The important thing is you should take action. Reading the signs that she’s interested is a good thing, but you should not stand still like a Greek statue, while acting like an idiot. If you do so, you have my blessings if you want to jump off a building. As promised, I will make a statue of you, so that everyone remembers you, as the biggest idiot in the history of seduction.

You usually have 5 to 10 minutes to react and take action.

If a girl looks interested and keeps looking at you and smiling at you, she will not allow you more than 10 minutes to approach her.

According to my experience, and let me say this in a straightforward way, I used to act like an idiot too. A girl would look at me with lots of love and passion, and as I was shy, I couldn’t approach her. The cool thing is that some girls (the smart ones, so the interesting ones) can understand that the “shy” factor influences the game of seduction. It is a normal thing to hesitate at the beginning. You usually have 5 to 10 minutes to react… before the girl decides to let go and forget about you, and “next” you (yes, women also love moving on).

So if for example you’re in a night club and a girl stares at you and smile, allow her the luxury to flirt with you for a few minutes, give her looks and smiles, just to increase the doses of adrenaline, and thus increase the desire to intensify the game of seduction.

After operation flirt, take a deep breath (seriously do that!) and approach the princess slowly by looking at her straight in the eyes. This, women love it, they just love it.

Once you get there, simply say: “hey you! I’m … nice to meet you”.

Try not showing that it was her you were staring at. Remember, women are afraid of being thought of as sluts, so simply talk about any topic.

You can start with this: “you know, I love this place. Everyone seems to be having fun, and all the people I meet here are cool and interesting. I hope that’s your case too… so tell me what your 3 biggest qualities are… and don’t say nice, because that wouldn’t work between us”.

This line is funny, light… and seducing!

If everything goes well, you shouldn’t have a hard time “sealing the deal”. If she gives you IOIs, it means that she’s interested and that should help you seduce her. So, everything will be fin… except if she’s annoying, and that she shows signs of regret that she sent you signs that she was interested.

But that’s a different story.

Your friend (in Sniper’s body)


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