How To Kiss a Girl For The First Time

You’ve met a girl, everything’s going great with her, you’ve had your first date, your first meeting.

She’s pretty interested in you, and on the way to being seduced… Life is sweet. However, your game doesn’t end there. In fact it’s only just begun. Kissing a girl is an art form all its own… You have to choose EXACTLY the right moment for a first kiss that’s truly… PERFECT!

So now let’s see, how and when to kiss a girl according to the rules of the art form and, above all, how to know whether she’s really ready to be kissed.

The following article is rather technical. I’m going to share a set of tactics that will lead to your kiss, or to a kiss close as we say, with the best possible outcome!

But first let me introduce a few general concepts about kissing in the context of seduction.

I – Why kiss her?

Kissing means… seducing!

Seduction is the natural outcome of… taking action !

When I say that kissing means seducing, I’m weighing my words carefully. When you make the decision to gather up your courage and move into action, you’ll demonstrate social mastery and a high level of self confidence. 4 out of 5 girls will tell you their first kiss was inept and awkward, because the guy made things too complicated and weird before he even made the decision to touch his lover’s lips… don’t follow the example of guys who failed, and keep in mind that taking the initiative is a strong indication of your seductive power. Just do it!


Kissing means… making it real!

I receive dozens of e-mails like this one, from readers all asking about the same subject :

“I go out with a girl, we get along really well, but I want her to be my girlfriend, how do I tell her ? ”


When you kiss a girl, you’re announcing that the festivities are well and truly underway. You’re officially declaring that the nonsense running through your head, and through her head as well, has come to an end :) … it’s the most seductive and elegant way to tell her that you want her!

Kissing her means telling her:

“I appreciate you, we get along well, and I feel comfortable with you… Let’s move on to the next step of our relationship!”

Don’t make your life complicated… Just … Kiss her!

No comfort building = no kissing

As you already know, comfort building is the most important step in seduction. Re-read this article, and absorb the concept of comfort building before you finish reading this part… oh, you’ve already done that? Perfect, let’s move on…

So the phrase Comfort Building means establishing a connection between you and your sweetheart, and if you don’t work on that step, you can rest assured that instead of landing on luscious lips, you’re going to get an awkward peck on the cheek, because you yourself are awkward… If you don’t establish intimacy between you, there’s no hope you’ll get that first kiss. In order to be kissed, a girl HAS TO be relaxed, comfortable, and above all, she HAS TO trust you. I also urge you to re-read this article, which talks about all the different aspects of comfort building.

But how do you know if she’s ready to be kissed?

II – When should you kiss her?

Good… Now that you’ve had a serious conversation with her, and from now on you feel a bright shining connection between the two of you, ever since she (partially) opened her heart and her mind to you; it’s imperative that you make this whole thing real.

The situation is just like a football game, when you’re ahead, and you’re playing at peak level, you have to score points to win, so just KISS HER!

But before we get to that, let me give you a little trick to figure out whether she really wants to be kissed…

The trick is simple… it’s her HAIR

Hair represents – wait for it – 50% of a woman’s beauty !

Every woman with a normal personality, loves to take care of her hair, it’s the secret weapon of feminine seduction, it’s her most important feminine signal… and it’s just for that reason that we’re going to take advantage of it :)

Let’s take an example.

I’m spending time with this girl, everything’s going perfectly between the two of us, the level of flirtation is absolutely first-class, the intimacy is now totally well established, I HAVE TO KISS HER!

I’m getting closer and closer to her, I’m starting to touch her hair, to caress it… If she lets me do that, so much the better for me, I can continue along on my pleasant little journey.

I tell her that her hair is magnificent and that it smells wonderful… I keep sensually caressing it with class & elegance, all while gazing into her eyes with my stare, the stare of a seduction artist!

If she responds positively to my advances, as if to offer a little timid thank you… then hello first kiss :)

And now… I’m going to tell you the tricks and techniques for kissing her!


III – How should I kiss her?

This part is called kiss-openers, and here are some samples that I’ve chosen for you:

Subtle techniques

“don’t look at me like that… or I’m going to kiss you!”

Turn your face away and look off into the distance… look at her again and smile, shrug your shoulders and say:

“Alright, I warned you…” kiss her.

“If you weren’t a brunette / blonde… I almost would have kissed you… too bad…”

She’ll give you a stupid answer like but why?

« alright… okay » kiss her

“imagine that you’re a student whose major is lovemaking, and you have a test to see which girl is the best kisser, what grade would you give yourself?

“An A”

“hey!!! okay… let’s see if it’s true.” KISS!

The ‘almost-kiss’

“let me propose something… we’re going to ALMOST kiss… we’ll get as close together as possible, BUT, without doing anything, it’s kind of a test to see how much we trust each other… your lips will get really close to mine, but you’re not allowed to kiss me, and I’m not allowed to kiss you either… we haven’t gotten there yet” :) »

Do exactly what you said and don’t kiss her!! Even if she tries to, resist her and stay playful… 2 minutes later:

“Why are you looking at me that way? Stop thinking about that almost-kiss :) until we’re ready :) »

Do the same thing a second time, etc. … after that, the kiss will happen naturally.


Simplicity is an art form:

“are you a good kisser?”

She answers…

“let’s try and see!”

Let the conversation stop, and when she tries to start talking again… :

“shhhhhhh…” kiss her

“You talk too much… kiss me!!!”

These are some techniques of persuasion and a few methods that will help you give a woman the perfect kiss, while remaining THE seducer she’s always dreamed of.

On the other hand, kissing is something that should happen naturally, your intuition develops after you’ve spent time with a lot of women, and you’ll learn to sense when it’s the right time to kiss someone.

Still, keep in mind that the best way to kiss a girl is the one that’s most spontaneous, that happens just when she absolutely doesn’t expect to be kissed… When she comes back from the bathroom, when she’s carrying something… just look at her and kiss her!!!

Your friend,


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