3 Dating Advices To Help You Get A Nice Conversation With A Woman


Now that you’ve approached this girl, then started a conversation with her, you’re asking yourself, what comes next?

Well, you should understand that the real game of seduction has only just begun!

In fact, talking to a woman is hardly adequate to seduce her, and I always remind people, seduction is an art that entails an obligation to follow a number of very seductive rules of conduct.

These “rules” are the subject of our article today.

Set yourself apart from the losers

99% of men fall into the famous trap: Coming on too strong.

By “coming on too strong” I mean by showing you’re interested in her from the first moments of the conversation, throwing out the compliments and therefore bullshit, such as “you’re beautiful” “you have beautiful eyes” “you’re wonderful”…

Your “future” sweetheart has heard that kind of line at least twenty times in the last week, and now you’re trying to do it for the 21st time…

Bottom line… you’re categorized under the heading: another-typical-male-that-tries-to-pick-her-up.

Once you’re categorized, no matter what you say afterwards, it won’t matter too much, it’s already over between the two of you… (interesting) women are uncompromising when it comes to the first few minutes of conversation, if you make a mistake (like complimenting her 10 seconds into your first contact) it will be very difficult or impossible to turn the tide in your favor.

begin by complimenting a woman when you don’t even know her, don’t behave like guys who are failures, Saturday night woman chasers who wind up as Sunday morning losers.

Don’t do it …


Don’t talk about your resumé

Unless you’re in a professional meeting with her, don’t do it.

It’s also the biggest mistake our loser friends make, yes the Sunday morning ones… in fact, a typical man always starts by telling his life story and how boring his job is…

Imagine you come across an old man in a park and he starts to tell you about his insurmountable difficulty when he wants to go to the bathroom…


Yeah well, women feel the SAME WAY when you start talking about your job and the problems in your crappy life… Every human being with a normal personality dislikes listening to other people talking about their problems.

Keep in mind that, unfortunately, when you talk about your resume to impress this beautiful woman standing in front of you, and even if you’re doing it to seduce your best friend… Sorry, but it’s not at all seductive… it’s disgusting!

Be Mysterious

Mystery and unpredictability are the two most attractive qualities a seduction artist can have… Being mysterious and unpredictable makes you more seductive and much more interesting.

Don’t tell her EVERYTHING about you, even if she insists on knowing, don’t do it…

Let’s take an example.

I approach a woman, my approach is successful, and here I am talking to her. First, I’d rather not tell her my name right away, or any personal information… I’ll wait until she asks me.

But why, Kamal? says the nice guy way over in the back…

Personal data are an IOI (Indicator of Interest), or in other words, when a woman asks you that kind of question, you can tell that she’s is more or less interested in you, which bodes well!

When she asks me what I do for a living, I don’t give her an exact answer, instead I let the suspense play out a little:

Her: “So what do you do for a living?

You: “When I was little I always dreamed of being an architect, architecture is extraordinary and astounding, I love to draw and illustrate and give life to what I create blah blah blah… But when I was a teenager, I wanted to be a businessman, I enjoy being around other cultures and having different life experiences, I love traveling, I love finding adventures…

It’s preferable not to even tell her your real job. If she asks again … Well, you can tell that the young lady is really interested!

You know what to do after. Right ?

Keep it up !

Your friend,



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