Don’t be her friend… Be her LOVER !

Who among us has never heard this sentence :

“I’d rather we just stay friends, you’re an adorable guy, you deserve a better girl than me… let’s not ruin our friendship, you know how much I like you Bob…”

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The Big Day Is Here! Tonight Is Availble on th App Store —London—


Last week I was telling you about this amazing application that will change the rule of the game... Remember?

Well, there we go. It has been officially launched today —In London— and you can download it from the Apple Store.

Need advice?

Very simple. Install the App (it’s free), dress well, elegant and fashionable style —without pushing to fare— take that picture and get ready to have some fun.

Your weapon this time is very simple: Spontaneity.

You gotta be spontaneous my boy,

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Tonight App… The mobile app that will change the dating scene—Forever.


On-line dating has always been one of the major component of Seduction. And by this, I mean that on-line dating HAS to be one of your weapons to meet and seduce attractive women.

In the early beginning of the Internet Era, this was very possible. And it was actually fun.

But now, the industry —or shall I say— the big guys of Internet dating websites, are turning it into a jungle. There is waaaaay

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How to seduce a woman at the first date (3)

Here we are finally at the third part of the article, and we have just arrived to that nice café where your seduction game is about to get started. 3…2…1… gentlemen, the game can start!

First, don’t sit face to face, as it is not a job interview, and it is not a romantic date. I repeat the words “nice café” which means cafés where you have couches where you can sit comfortably next to your princess

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5 Socially Awkward Mistakes You Should Never Make


This is a guest post by my friend Paul Sanders who write about overcoming shyness and making friends, at

Today, I want to talk about socially awkward mistakes we make without even realizing. These mistakes ruin some chances for us to make new friends. If we stop making them, we might make a lot more interesting and cool friends.

Did this ever happen to you: You meet some new people, socialize a

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How To Seduce A Woman At The First Date (2)

We have seen in the first part of this article that it is of capital importance that you should have a so called “neutral” state of mind in order to be in perfect simulation with the spirit of the beautiful princess that will be with you, Mr. Seducer.

The second part of this article will be more technical. You will find out small tricks, but also BIG revelations. You will simply realize that, in all

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How to overcome a break up?

Being a writer on SBK, I pay attention to comments written by readers before choosing my topics. Today’s things are a little special, because I won’t teach you how to hit on girls in certain contexts, but how to fall back on your feet after an event which is difficult to overcome: the break up.

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